Stampin’ Up Kits Collection

So you’ve decided you might be interested in stamping and papercrafting. You are probably asking yourself, where do I begin? An easy way to start is to use Stampin’ Up Kits Collections. If you are someone who claims not to be “artistic” or “craftsy,” you no longer have an excuse! Stampin’ Up has taken the guess work out of creativity and done the hard parts for you. Each kit is all-inclusive including pre-designed projects, pre-printed pieces and even adhesives to finish your project. There are two types of kits. The first includes stamps and even an ink spot to promote stamping your own images. The second includes assembly only. Both, are affordable, unique, fun, versatile and designed for multiple occasions. The kits are not in a catalog and can only be ordered online. This ensures that what you view is available and ready to ship. Once a kit is sold out, it’s gone, but the great thing is that there are always adding new kits! Let’s take a look and pick the kit that’s right for you!

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